4 Key Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Go Solar

December 15, 2020

You may have recently noticed that many of your local businesses have been making the switch to solar energy. You see ads about solar energy everywhere that make you wonder, "What is all the buzz about?" Many people know that solar energy benefits the environment and helps save money, but they're not exactly sure about how it works.

Why Do People Switch to Solar Energy?

There are many reasons people switch to solar energy. Some of these reasons include being able to save money on electricity bills, increasing their property value, and taking advantage of the green benefits that come with solar energy. Today we will go over some of the ways solar energy benefits the environment.

  1. Source of Renewable Energy: About 63% of all energy used in the United States comes from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. The problem with most of these fuel sources is we don't know how long they will last. Not only this but if we depend on them too much, we will be in a lot of trouble once we run out. This is one of the reasons many people are choosing to switch to solar energy. Solar energy doesn't cause pollution or damage to the earth. It's also considered renewable since we will always have it available as long as the sun's around. Since the power source is the sun it will help save money by making energy more affordable.
  2. Animal-Friendly Energy Source: One of the reasons farm solar power systems are becoming so popular is because they can be installed in rural areas without affecting the environment too much. Many of these above ground panels create great habitats for animals and won't affect the growth of the vegetation around them. This is why many farmers are using their land as solar farms. If a farmer has enough land, they can produce more energy than they consume which will help save money on their energy bill and might even help eliminate it completely.
  3. Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint: Many businesses nowadays are doing everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint and go green to help the environment. Many companies are switching to other more eco-friendly packaging materials than plastic, they're also installing commercial solar panels to lower their electricity bills, and they are offering products made out of environmentally friendly materials. Businesses hope that by doing this, they can help protect our planet.
  4. Reduce Water Usage: There are other sources of energy other than solar and fossil fuels. Some of these sources include nuclear and hydro-powered energy. The downside to these two sources is that they both use a lot of water. This causes many problems in areas that are prone to droughts, like California. Water is an incredibly valuable resource for farmers in this part of the country, so it benefits them to switch to an agricultural solar system. This way they get their energy from the sun and any water that would have been used to make energy can be used for something else.


Solar energy benefits the environment in many ways. The solar power used in the United States alone offsets the same amount of carbon dioxide that planting 1.2 billion trees would every year. Solar energy has a lot of benefits besides the environmental ones. Do your research and see if solar panels have any additional benefits in your area, you could even qualify for a tax break.