Solar Incentives Will Never Be This High Again!

Lock in a 26% tax credit before it drops

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Arkansas's Solar Experts

Full-Service Provider

We're the only full-service provider in Arkansas, which means we plan, construct, and monitor the entire solar array system. No sub-contractor delays or miscommunications here!

Save Now, Save Later

The rush is on to install solar now before tax credits drop. But, the savings don't stop - solar means big savings on energy costs for decades to come.

Claim Tax Credit

The clock is ticking, but the savings can still be yours by signing an installation contract. Our expert team can work with you to determine the right setup for your farm and set up an installation schedule that fits your needs.

Steady & Solar Energy

Solar technology has evolved rapidly in the past few decades making it the perfect time to invest.

In our experiences, businesses who spend over $500 a month have seen serious dividends after making the switch to solar. They've got more control over their monthly energy expenses and they're protected long-term against utility rate hikes.Many businesses have done more than offset energy costs, they've added a new revenue stream! Our solar experts are happy to walk you through how you can even create a new & predictable income stream for your agribusiness.

Why invest in the utility company when you can re-invest into your own business instead?

Trusted Partners For Over Decades

Led by our CEO John Sawyer, our team has over 20 years of solar experience and is proud to serve the great state of Arkansas. We've chosen a full-service model (planning, installation, and maintenance) because we believe it's what serves our customers best.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions on anything from tax credits and installation costs to the lifespan of a solar setup. We've installed custom solar arrays for farms and business across the state and would love to share the details of some of those projects with you.