What Is Involved in a Solar Energy Installation for Schools?

February 8, 2021

A solar energy installation for schools today fits nicely with educational plans for students in the K-12 grades. According to one study, the average solar energy install for schools takes about 900 to 1,200 solar panels. That’s enough solar panels to generate about 300 kilowatts of electricity.

However, administrators of school systems must figure out where to place their solar energy panels and how many of the solar panels will be needed for use. Fortunately, if you have a large field adjacent to your school, you have the ideal place to generate solar-based power.

The Economic and Green Benefits of Solar Energy

It's no secret that solar energy can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to saving money. Solar energy makes up about 1.6% of electricity generation currently used. According to the Solar Foundation and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), approximately 5% of U.S. schools run on solar power, and the solar capacity of schools has nearly doubled in just the last three years.

The surge for solar is both economical and sustainable, thereby making a solar energy installation for schools financially and educationally viable. Both public and private schools can greatly reduce their energy bill with solar energy school installs, giving them more money to spend on educational programs and initiatives.

Consult With Your Solar Energy Company

Of course, while solar energy can help your school save money on energy costs, it can be difficult to determine on your own just how many solar panels would be best for your school. Each school has different energy needs and requirements. Consider reaching out to your solar energy company, Stone Creek Solar, to get a professional and experienced opinion on the right number and the right placement of your solar panels for your school building.

Many school districts have jumped at the chance at integrating solar energy in their schools, as many states now have solar-friendly policies. While most people are motivated by the environmental benefits associated with a solar energy install for schools, the main motivator is economics.

If you're looking to save money on energy costs for your school while improving your carbon footprint, consider solar energy installation for schools. Contact Stone Creek Solar to learn more about how you can benefit from solar panel installations today.