The Power of Continuing Education

January 18, 2021
Michel Beaird, Director of Renewable Design

To provide exceptional service and satisfaction to Stone Creek Solar’s customers, continuing education is a key priority for employees. As the industry of renewable energy develops it is imperative that our team of experts stay at the forefront of all new technologies, trainings, and certifications to be able to provide the best solutions for our solar energy customers. 

Michel Beaird, Director of Renewable Design for Stone Creek Solar, has recently completed a key prerequisite course, Fundamentals of Battery-Based Solar Installations, in his journey to obtaining the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) PV Design Specialist Certification. 

“The courses I'm taking are offered by Solar Energy International - a well regarded renewable energy education provider accredited by NABCEP. I've thoroughly enjoyed their courses and even used some of the tools they provided in designing our projects” Michel noted.

Blake Everett, Director of Engineering for Stone Creek Solar said ““We are proud of Michel’s willingness and desire to continue his education. This certification will continue to prove the level of expert provided by the Stone Creek Solar team to their customers.”

Michel’s goal with these courses and the PV Design Specialist Certification is to gain the knowledge and expertise to advise those interested in solar on how to make it a possibility for them. He says “the coupling of solar and batteries provides customers the potential to take their power into their own hands, which is ultimately the goal of Stone Creek Solar. I hope to show people the possibilities of this technology while at the same time working toward making energy cleaner.