Solar Energy for Schools Gives Students a Brighter Future

January 26, 2021

Schools only have so much money to work with during the school year and therefore have turned to revamping their energy needs. Schools find they can save money by switching to use solar panels rather than continuing to use traditional, expensive electrical energy. By making the decision to switch to solar energy for schools, educators can update technologies, expand extracurricular offerings, and protect teachers’ jobs and salaries.

Balancing School Budgets

By providing solar energy for schools in their area, educational administrators can balance school budgets even when facing looming tax cuts. The electricity currently generated using solar panels for schools is enough to provide salaries for 2,200 teachers’ salaries or to buy 155,000 computer tablets to use in the classroom. As of 2021, schools that provide K-12 education number 3,752 in the use of solar energy.

When balancing the budget, school administrators have to narrow down how energy is regularly used in their school systems and determine how a solar energy install for schools can make a major difference. Typically, energy consumption in a school is primarily directed toward lights, cooling, office equipment, and ventilation. A smaller amount of energy goes toward space heating, cooking, and heating water.

A More Efficient Energy Source

Of all the renewable energy sources available today, school installations of solar panels provide a more effective way for academic institutions to meet their energy needs. For example, a single solar panel generates just as much energy over four decades as a rod for nuclear fueling. Not only does solar energy for schools cut costs, but it also provides major ecological advantages. For each 1 kW/hour of solar energy produced, 300 pounds of carbon is prevented from entering the atmosphere.

The drive for solar energy for schools has never been greater than it is right now. Solar energy is also being directed toward commercial solar services and solar panel installations for business. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, school systems currently spend about $6 billion annually on energy use. However, by becoming a solar energy school, most K-12 academic institutions could save a quarter of what they spend right now on energy. Upgrade to solar and realize a better and more affordable use of energy. Give our company a call today to see how you can make solar work for the schools in your township or district.