5 Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Solar Installation Company in Arkansas

December 15, 2020

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that the global solar energy market will record a 14% year on year growth, adding 142 GW to the grids. The rise is seven times larger than the 20 GW deployed in 2010. The upsurge is majorly fueled by commercial property owners adopting greener ways to power their buildings.

Commercial solar services are paving a cleaner, more sustainable energy future at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuel options. But how do you find an expert solar installer for your smart energy project? Here are five tips to keep in mind when picking the right commercial solar installation company in Arkansas.

1. Solar Expertise and Proven Track Record

The path to lower power bills and energy sufficiency begins by finding experienced commercial solar contractors. As a booming industry, more firms continue to crop up to ride on the renewable energy wave. How long has the Arkansas solar company been in business? Seasoned installers have the right connections to reputable solar brands. You get to enjoy quality installations as well as a partner that will stick around for long after the purchase.

2. Licenses and Accreditations

Just like any electrical work, only qualified and certified contractors should carry out the commercial solar installation. The technicians have to undergo a rigorous formal accreditation process before receiving their practicing certificates. Ask the commercial solar installation company in Arkansas to show you their current, non-restricted electrical license. What trade organizations are they affiliated to? Choose an installer with accreditation from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Members of the Renewable Energy Assurance or Solar Trade Association are also excellent options.

3. Warranty

Most commercial solar contractors provide warranty covers to their clients. On average, licensed installers will offer 20-25 years of warranty for commercial solar panels. However, some agreements may be shorter, lasting approximately ten years. The commercial solar installation company in Arkansas should also provide a year’s worth of labor warranty.

4. Price Estimates

Price should not be the determining factor when choosing a commercial solar installation company in Arkansas, but it is a vital metric to keep in mind. The first step should be to determine how much upfront capital your firm is willing to invest in going into solar. Request multiple quotes from different solar companies and compare them. Find a solar financing expert to help you explore your options and find the right model for you.

5. Referrals

You may need to find a trustworthy partner that will stick around for future feasibility, monitoring, and repair services. One of the easiest ways to find a reliable installer to check with their past customers. What do past clients say about their work? Ask the commercial solar installation company in Arkansas to provide you with their work portfolio and case studies. It is relatively easier to gauge their quality of service by looking at past clients’ testimonials or complaints.

Switching to commercial solar systems can help your organization slash its operating expenses while protecting the planet. The five tips above can help you find the right commercial solar services. Stone Creek Solar is a commercial solar installation company in Arkansas that can guide your company in making the switch to green energy. Contact us today to find the right renewable energy solution for your business.