3 Simple Ways America’s Schools Can Become More Energy Efficient

November 18, 2020

Energy efficiency has become a huge priority for many Americans. With nearly 250,000 people working in the solar power sector nationwide, it’s clear the demand for renewable energy sources is on the rise.

That said, we often think of these initiatives as being easier to achieve on an individual basis. We assume that commercial solar installation and large-scale eco-friendliness require a lot of effort that may not pay off in the end.

The reality, though, is that commercial facilities — including large businesses, farms, and even educational centers — stand to gain a lot by going green. Not only can they save a substantial amount of money, but they can also cement their reputations as leaders in their industries and garner a lot of positive press.

Now you know about the why, but do you know about the how? If your school is looking to embrace energy efficiency but you aren’t sure where to start, here are three simple ideas you might want to consider.

1. Replace Outdated Technology and Appliances

You probably know that older appliances (like heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, and even computers) require more energy to use. They simply weren’t created with energy efficiency in mind — and as they near the end of their lifespan, they’ll have to struggle to keep up with demand. It’s a good idea to consider Energy Star appliances when it’s time for system upgrades. If that’s not something your school can consider quite yet, consider unplugging certain equipment when it isn’t in use or taking advantage of the “sleep” function on your school’s computers. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, a computer that’s allowed to stay on for 24 hours a day will use $224 a year in electricity (and screen savers don’t actually help)!

2. Upgrade Lighting and Insulation

If your school is able to spend a bit upfront on building improvements, you can really lower costs in the long run. Upgrading building insulation can be an excellent way to make sure heating and cooling systems work to the best of their ability and that you reduce monthly expenditures. You might also consider upgrading lighting options throughout the school. Lighting upgrades are relatively inexpensive but can pay off in the end. Even making the switch to LED bulbs or more energy-efficient incandescent bulbs can make a difference. Of course, everyone at your school should work together to make sure lights are turned off when not in use to ensure your efforts go the extra mile.

3. Install Solar Panels For Schools

Another smart option to promote energy efficiency is to consider a solar panel install at a school. Although solar panel installation for schools can represent big adjustments, keep in mind that the work will be well worth it. Solar energy schools can become far more self-sufficient, recouping many of their energy costs while reducing the potential for outages and cementing their reputation as environmental trailblazers. Although a solar panel install at a school may require a greater financial investment at the onset, you’ll be able to reduce dependency on the grid and can take advantage of various initiatives to make solar energy more accessible.

It’s easy to see why so many organizations are making efforts to be more energy-efficient — and schools are no different. To learn more about performing a solar panel install at a school that’s close to your heart, please contact us today.